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Rarely Active

2008-06-01 02:04:17 by Ayuka

Yeah, I'm sure that anyone who's been to my profile page knows that I've been inactive for a long time now. I just haven't had that sense of "oh, maybe I actually can get off my lazy arse and make something" nor have I harbored any idiotic notions of "making the most epic flash series ever!" Such feeling have long since passed for me. It seems since I've devoted myself to drawing and my photography, I have had very little drive to persue anything else.
Sure, I still touch Flash every great once and a while, when I feel like doing something cute in Vector, but all in all I just don't feel it anymore. It's sad really. The last time I used flash was not for any sort of animation purposes, but to do a 4koma COMIC.
I don't know when the urge to animate will hit me again, or even if it will, but I hope that I do not forever turn away from the fun (often overnight) enjoyment of Flash. I just have to re-learn what it is to not be lazy. So, with those thoughts I ask, "anyone know become un-lazy?"

NOTE: This picture that I have uploaded is what I've been doing in Flash. It's pretty old and done in Flash 5, but this should give you an idea. It's supposed to be my mum.

Rarely Active


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